Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hollie Happiness and Christmas Past



How WONDERFUL to have a computer that actually realizes I have pushed the mouse button or a key with a letter on it! 

Even after I spent an hour on the phone with the wagon train internet service yesterday, my computer there was still very unresponsive.  Maybe it is the computer.  I'll have Mr. Fix-It look into it next time he is there.

Speaking of Mr. Fix-It, he is coming up Saturday to be here for my birthday.  That is so nice of him, because he could give me a million reasons why he shouldn't come.  He is always extra nice to me on my birthday and Mother's Day because of our manner-challenged children.

I have to exclude John and Hollie from that description because they are WONDERFUL to me.  Hollie called me last night and told me no less than 50 times that she and John love me and that I am an awesome, loving person.  She said she and John may come to OUR house for Christmas this year!  Our house hasn't seen Christmas for so many years, I can't even remember the last time.  I told Hollie that my Christmas present TO ME will be to pay for their plane tickets here.  With John being in the Army, he gets much better rates than we would get to go there.  If I wasn't here in Edmond right now, I would be hauling Christmas trees and decorations out of Jerry's barn and my attic right now!  

Yeah.  You could say I am a TAD EXCITED!!!  We can have MY KIND of Christmas which is all about Christ.  When my grandkids were little, we had a tradition that we would do every year.  Back then, my daughter was married to the kids' father, and we were all a very happy family.  They went to church -- my daughter even taught Sunday School and her husband was in the Easter program -- and things were so much different.

The three grandkids would come spend an evening and spend the night some time BEFORE Christmas day.  I had everything known to man for making cards and ornaments, and I had them all arranged in boxes so they could easily be put out on the table when the time came.

Our tradition was this:

     Make a birthday cake for Jesus. 
     (We had to change this to making a birthday sundae because the kids don't like cake.)

     Make an ornament for the tree.

     Make a birthday card for Jesus. 

     Write a letter TO JESUS telling him what we were thankful for from the last year.  (I keep them all together by year in the angel box.  The ornaments wouldn't fit in this box.) 

We could see each other's cards and ornament, but the letters were a SECRET.  Nobody saw anyone's letter to Jesus until Christmas morning.  Papa and I made ornaments, cards and wrote letters also.

Lindy was too young to read and write,
so she had to have a secretary.  Fortunately,
we have one in the family.

Christmas morning was usually days or weeks away depending when Papa and I got to have the kids over for our turn.  They had to spend the night the day before though so we could wake up -- have bacon and pancakes -- and all gather around the tree in our jammies.  We would sit in the floor in a circle with our birthday cards and letters to Jesus inside, and we would take turns reading the cards and the letters out loud.

It was BEAUTIFUL!  Many tears of happiness shed, and we were SO PROUD of the kids. 

All of this was before the divorce.  I think we may have done it one year before my daughter remarried.  My daughter and her then boyfriend came over one night while we were doing this.  They just laughed at us and totally disrupted everything we were doing.  After that, I think we did it one other time.  Since then, we have been banned from the kids and even accused of kidnapping them.  It is really unbelievable that we have gone from the pictures above to what we have now. 

Jacob is living with his girlfriend who recently gave birth to a baby that MIGHT be his.  She got pregnant when she was 16 and he was 17.  Jacob has decided he doesn't want the baby to be in our lives, so we have never seen her.  It breaks a Grandma's heart, that's for sure!

I've got to go.  Phylly and I are going to see Heath Bar for lunch at Olive Garden.  I go wherever there is a hug waiting for me, and Heath always gives me a great big one!!!

Hugs, Joy


  1. If I was there, I would give you a hug(((()))).
    Divorce is so sad, in some instances.
    I am sorry you have been discounted in their lives.
    They are missing out on a very fun grandma!!!
    en-JOY, getting ready for Christmas....

  2. My granddaughter loves to be with us, but her Mom won't allow it. I hope she doesn't get brainwashed with all the rubbish before she is 18 and can do what she wants to.
    Thanks for the hug from afar!
    Hugs, Joy

  3. Sounds like a lovely way to spend Christmas. I hope John and Hollie get to come for Christmas. I know how much you will enjoy having them.

    Hugs, Phylly

  4. Grandkids grow up and sometimes need more responsible people in their lives. Keeping the grands away doesn't always work in the long term. Hugs from here too.

  5. AW...we have a similar situation. So sad that our daughter has chosen to exclude the family - she has missed so much in the last six months; the birth of a niece, a visit home from her sister and children (they haven't been home in three years.

    As painful as all this is, we place her and her children in God's hands everyday. We continue to send text messages (never a response) and let her know that we love and miss her.

    I will add your daughter's family to my prayers.

    Joy, thank you for your honesty and willingness to share. It is a comfort to know others have the same issues.

    Bless you - Debora

    PS - I am going to start this card, cake, and ornament idea with my own grandkids. We already limit gifts to three each - just like Jesus received from the three wise men. Your ideas will be another way for us to share our love for Christ and another way to open the discussion of his saving Grace for us.


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