Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Day with Darling Granddaughter-in-Law

What a wonderful day this was.  Hollie got lost coming to my house, but after I explained to her that we had cats -- NOT a rabbit -- and I got her on the right block, she got here just fine.  She told me she always gets lost and John won't even let her drive.  She told me how she can't stand that mean lady in the box, and I cracked up laughing because I can't stand that lady either!  She said she changed her "lady" to a man.  I didn't know you could do that.

We hurried over to Louie's on the lake where we met Jerry and Phylly.  The four of us screamed as loud as we could in order to hear each other over the roar in the restaurant.  No carpet, no drapes, no fabrics anywhere to absorb the sound.  You could hardly hear at all.  Still, the food was good, and we had a good time.

Then Hollie and I went to get a pedicure.  We had to wait about 30 minutes, but we did get to sit together.  We got two Vietnamese girls to work on us, but neither spoke much English.  Hollie's girl asked her where her dress came from.  Hollie explained that she got it at a consigment store, but it had originally been from some other place.  Hollie told her she paid only $6 for it and that she buys beautiful clothes at the consignment shop all the time.  The girl asked Hollie when they were going to have a sale.  I tried to explain about "consignment" but the girl looked like she was totally lost, so I just shut up. 

Here we are having a lovely time getting to know each other better.

We talked and talked and talked, and the most AMAZING MIRACLE happened -- she still likes me!  What a blessing to have her in our lives, but how sad that she is going clear to ALASKA!!! 

I told her I thought about going with her so she wouldn't have to fly all by herself, and then I could help her get set up there.  She said, "Sure, you should do that!"  I forgot to mention that it would take an army to drag me onto an airplane, so it won't be happening.  If she was moving to Texas, I would be there for sure!

We just finished dinner, and I need to get back out and visit.  Wanted to stop to make a quick post though.

Hugs, Joy

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kitchen Tear-Apart and Finished SFD Blouse

Michael (the builder) is in South Padre and won't be here all week, so as fate would have it, it doesn't matter that we will be gone all week.  Talked to Michael, Nasan and Brad -- the adjuster -- this morning.  Brad still isn't coming to the house.  Evidently, Michael is calling all the shots.  He says the entire counter WILL have to come up and he isn't sure about the upper cabinets.   The wallpaper will be messed up too.

This too shall pass.  Right???  Margaret asked me if that was in the Bible.  I don't think so.

This is in the Bible though:
"ALL things work together for GOOD to those that love God and are called according to HIS purpose!"   (Romans 8:28)


Took a picture of myself wearing the brightest-blouse-in-the-world this morning.

I really like it even if it is super large flowers and super bright. 

You can't call it boring!

Think I'm going to try a sleeveless blouse next.  That means I must hurry and do a thousand of those weight swinging upper arm exercises!!!

I need to get everything in order so we can leave this afternoon, so my post will be short today.  Stay tuned for the exciting kitchen tear-apart journey.  I am very happy that we have Michael, Nasan and Kirby, the Psychologist, on the job.  Actually, I've been told by numerous people in my past that I need a Shrink. 

One of them was a secretary I hired to work for me many years ago when I managed a small oil company.  She couldn't alphabetize right.  I told her the correct way to do it, and she told me that "it was a grey area".  I told her I didn't care WHAT color it was, I expected her Rolodex to be in proper alphabetical order so I could FIND something on it!  She got mad and stormed out telling me I was crazy and needed a Psychiatrist.  (Is that the same as a Psychologist???)

I actually went through NINE secretaries while I worked there.  The main problem actually wasn't me, however.  It was the two owners of the oil company, Clark and Buddy.  They told me I could have a secretary BUT she needed to be young and pretty.

Obviously, that limited me greatly in who I could hire.  "Young and pretty" usually doesn't come with experience and good sense.  Clark and Buddy finally allowed me to choose, so secretary #9 was older -- but still nice looking -- and she had lots of experience. 

Actually, I prefer a good Preacher rather than a Shrink.

Hugs, Joy

Monday, May 28, 2012

Granny Story and God Bless Our Servicemen

A very quiet day here.  No family or friends.  Kinda lonely.  I don't know how my Mom stands living all alone out in the woods.  I would visit her, but she doesn't like me to.  Has to do with my cleaning habits and her lack of them.  Just doesn't seem right to not clean up a mess at your loved one's home.

Did I ever tell you about the customer Jerry had one time who lived in a little two bedroom house here in town?  We sell medical equipment, as you know.  Jerry got a call that this lady was coming home from the hospital, and she needed oxygen delivered immediately to her home when she arrived there.  She also needed a Nebulizer which is a machine that people inhale a drug through to help them breathe better. 

Jerry could SMELL the inside of the house before he even got to the front door.  He got to the front door and knocked, and a weak voice told him to come in.  The little old lady was lying on her couch READING a book in her nighty.  Jerry walked in with his oxygen and the nebulizer.  He needed to put the nebulizer down, but he could not find a single space in the whole living room to put it -- not even on the floor.  He walked over to the table beside the couch to move something out of the way.  When he moved whatever it was, dozens of cockroaches scattered and ran all directions.

Now, if this had been me, I never would have gone past the aroma on the front porch.  But Jerry has the patience of Job.  Sometime, I'll tell you about the missionary trips he went on where he worked in the jungle with wild pigs under the table he had set up as his pharmacy.

Anyway, Jerry put the nebulizer down and proceeded to teach the woman about the oxygen as though she was a normal person.  As he tried to move the oxygen next to her to show it to her, he had to maneuver his way around stacks of DIRTY adult diapers in the center of the floor.  Not only were there stacks of dirty diapers, there were KNEE HIGH WALLS of tuna fish and cat food cans -- EMPTY and not washed -- all over the house -- around the furniture, all the walls, in the bathtub, in the bedrooms -- everywhere!!! 

Of course, he couldn't help noticing cats all over the place that must have been the recipients of the canned goods, and obviously, not trained to do dishes.  God only knows what they were using for a cat box!!!

As if that wasn't bad enough, the walls in the house were COVERED from ceiling to floor with thick cobwebs.  They were hanging down everywhere, and Jerry was having to brush them away from his face and his body.  GROSS!!!!!  Mind you -- this lady is READING on her couch!

The longer Jerry was there, the more he realized the place just wasn't "right" and neither was that lady.  Every move he made upset some cockroach, and he was afraid he may be attacked by Black Widow spiders any moment.

He decided to call the lady's daughter.  He had her number because he had talked to her earlier to find out the address or something.  After a while, the daughter came up the sidewalk to the front door which was still open.  The daughter lifted up her sweatshirt over her face and hollered something through the door to her Mother -- she never entered the house.  Jerry went out to the porch and told the girl that he could not properly set up the equipment she needed.  The daughter did NOTHING.  Then she left.

Jerry then called DHS to tell them that he could not teach this lady how to use the equipment and her house needed attention.  Not long thereafter, a social worker from DHS came to the house.  She got the woman ready to go to a Nursing Home, and Jerry helped her.  He said that when they got outside, he had to remove cobwebs from the social worker's hair! 

Now, let me clarify that my Mother's house is NOTHING like that -- well, except she does have two very hairy cats and a dog.  But no cockroaches or spiders.  If that was the case, I would clean it whether she liked it or not!

So how on earth did I get off on that!?

These things just jump into my mind sometimes.  And I think the granny in her nighty on the couch wasn't playing with a full deck!  Ha!

And since it is Memorial Day, I certainly can't sign off without saying how much I appreciate our servicemen all over the world.  What a sacrifice they make for whatever reason to protect our rights and what freedom we have left in the USA.  My heart breaks when I see those Wounded Warrior commercials.  I've been meaning to donate to that organization for a long time.  I must get that done. 

I pray God blesses every one of our servicemen and gives them supernatural favor and protection.  I could not be more proud of our grandson who is now in Alaska.  It takes a special kind of man to volunteer for such a dangerous job.

I was going through my Dad's things a few weeks ago and came across a letter his brother wrote to him after being on a ship that was bombed in Pearl Harbor.  Wow!  It is really something!  I can't remember which ship right now.  The letter was very long and very descriptive.

Gotta go.  Amost time for supper.  Supposed to be cleaning my sewing room, and I sure haven't gotten very far!  I was really cleaning good when all of a sudden a pattern just jumped up into my hands, and I had to cut it out!  Can't blame a girl for yielding to such temptation as that! 

Hugs, Joy

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Sermon, Remodel and World's Brightest Blouse!

My genius husband has really fixed my computer.  He is so smart!  It was a hassle with Carbonite, but now that the files are back on my computer, it doesn't seem like it was so bad.  My computer is MUCH faster and when we downloaded Rev. John Hagee for church upstairs today, the reception was perfect and no skipping. 

The message was about freedom.  Again, I totally agree with everything he said.  He said kids these days want a different kind of "freedom" that isn't freedom at all.

They want freedom from:  Rules -- Responsiblity -- Regulations -- Any Kind of Authority

They want freedom to:  Do whatever they want to with nobody telling them it is wrong.

The truth is:

You are NEVER FREE until you are VOLUNTARILY mastered by something greater than yourself.

He said that over and over this morning, and I wrote it down word-for-word.  And that actually is the entire message.  Truly sad that the younger generation -- unless trained at home -- are being taught complete disprespect for parents and authority.  It is the only way we ever could get the mess our government is in right now.  Instead of "One Nation Under God", we are "one nation under a bunch of radical, ungodly judges and lawmakers".  How I long for that day when EVERY KNEE SHALL BOW.  My knees already bow along with my heart, soul and mind to Almighty God.

Hagee said at one point in his sermon that when we pray, we are not entering the presence of a president, or a queen
or a movie star;
we are entering the presence of ALMIGHTY GOD! 

Do we even have the slightest clue of how AWESOME and AMAZING that is? 

I think not.

Update on kitchen and dining room remodel after refrigerator water line leak. 

We got our new refrigerator hooked up to the new Stainless Steel water line last night.  While the frig was out in the middle of the room, Jerry got to feeling around the side of the cabinet that Nasan is working on.  The side of the cabinet was weak and wobbly.  We both looked at each other, and we both realized that we are settling for way LESS than what should be done to fix the damage.  Jerry and I both are such peace-lovers about our space, that we were choosing the fastest, least hassle way of doing it.  We decided we need to just grin and bear it, and get the job done correctly.

I emailed the Adjuster this morning and suggested that he actually COME to our house.  I've never heard of the adjuster not coming to see the damage, but this one has not.  I'm calling off the remodel until we know exactly what Hanover Insurance will pay for and not pay for.

I did finish my my new bright blouse today -- all but the hem.  I worked on it most of the day, and I always want to GET DONE, so I keep on going way after I should have stopped.  I did learn two valuable lessons today.  Who would think you could still learn sewing stuff after sewing over 40 years -- but, you can, believe me!

I learned that just because you HAVE eight buttons doesn't mean you have to put all eight on the blouse.

I also learned that when you get frustrated with a stupid snap because you sewed one side on upside down -- then you resewed it to the wrong side of the top -- then you sewed the other side of the snap in the wrong place, you MUST immediately walk away -- better yet, RUN away.  Go straight to the kitchen and get out that bottle of wine you bought the other day, and pour a nice wine glass full.  I am pretty sure that would have prevented the two little holes I cut into my blouse when angrily removing the snap for the THIRD time!
(I can't even type this without getting aggravated!)  The little holes are on the underside of the front overlap, so I am thankful for that.

Here are some pics, and then I have to go and make sure the giant mud ball that came into the house took all his clothes off before going into our bedroom on our white carpet!  Yes, he is still LAWN GUY today. 


I didn't like the way the sleeves turned out, so I decided to take a tuck in them. 

I had put a notch in the bottom of the sleeve, and I wasn't sure how the tuck would work, but it turned out real cute.

For some reason I thought I needed to add fullness to the sleeve.  You can see here I just took it all out.  Sometimes, nothing makes any sense at all.

I have to hem the bottom, wash out the marks, give it a good press, and then I will wear it to OKC next week.  I'm so glad I know how to sew.

Hugs, Joy

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Frig Roulette, Lawn Guy and Another Blouse



We were up early today, and I'm so glad we were.  I got a call at 7:30 from Lowe's asking if I would like to be FIRST instead of LAST on the delivery list today. 

Does a chicken have lips? (As our friend Dave used to say all the time.  -- It means "That is a dumb question!")

I had just typed the first two words in this post when they called.  I ran downstairs and started unloading my refrigerator in the kitchen.  I made it just in time as they drove in our driveway 30 minutes later.  I had the frig totally empty and totally clean inside.  I was really struggling with the fact that I was going to sell it for some pittance when it is like brand new and works perfectly.  But.........  What are you going to do with FOUR refrigerators?

Would you believe I figured out a way to keep it?  I remember that Jerry USED to have a refrigerator over in the big blue barn.  It had died a very slow death at the ripe age of 40 years old or more, so we had to throw that one out.  I got the bright idea to move the also ancient light blue refrigerator from our garage over to Jerry's barn, and move my now very clean empty side-by-side out to my garage where there is NO water supply and there will NOT be one.  Jerry agreed and the two guys that came from Lowe's were SO extremely nice.  They, of course, have all the necessary dollys and lifts, so not that big of deal for them.

New Innards and Outards above and to the left below.  Side-by-side I moved into the garage below right.

This is the old blue one below that we
had factory-painted to match our wallpaper in the house
we built a looooooooooooooooooooong time ago.
Now in Jerry's shop.  Perfect for late nights cleaning fish.

I have some VERY GOOD NEWS for all of you that are using copper pipe behind your refrigerator.  There is a much better alternative that NEVER leaks.  Copper is famous for leaking after awhile, and especially if the frig is moved in and out -- so the guys told me.  There is a new style that is stainless steel and is wrapped in plastic -- like a hose.  It has a little screw thing on each end and installs in five minutes.  We don't have one yet, but we are going to get one at noon.  I guess if you have to insert a filter in it, you would buy two of them.  I will be doing it upstairs in my sewing room also.  No more of the copper stuff!
I was pleasantly surprised with the two guys they sent from Lowe's.  Two gentlemen -- not teens -- that spoke English -- wore clean clothes with Lowe's vests over them -- and said "please" and "thank you" the whole time they were here.  The only issue at all -- that wasn't really an issue -- was that I asked them if they were going to unwrap all the baskets and shelves and put them in?  They said their hands were too dirty -- and they WERE -- all black.  I pointed to the sink and the soap and the towel and said, "Then wash your hands!"  Duh!  Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, that's a good idea, one said, and they lined up to wash their hands.  Then they unwrapped the endless plastic, styrofoam and tape from all the parts and put them in the frig.  Very nice!

Then, as often happens on really special days down here in the woods, Jerry turned into LAWN GUY.  He is almost always too busy to even think about the lawn, so I don't even bring it up.  We have a guy come mow, and another to trim the trees once in awhile.  You gotta see LAWN GUY -- he is sooooooooo cute!  He actually agreed to pose for this picture.  Guess he has given up fighting me since he knows I WILL put the picture on my blog.

It is hot and humid outside today, and Jerry has to cover up every square inch of skin.  He says he is tired of being the Skin Clinic's poster boy for skin cancer removal. 

He came in the house to get something and he had sweat dripping from his forehead -- mind you, he hadn't even started working yet.  He looked at me and said, "I'm sweating like a whore in church on Sunday".   LOL   Cracked me up.  He never talks dirty or curses, so it was even funnier coming from him.

And I am starting another blouse.  This will be from one of my Sure-fit Designs patterns, but I am changing the sleeves from 3/4 to short.  I need short sleeves or sleeveless for summer.  It is going to be brighter-than-ever!  Here's a preliminary shot for you.

Now Phylly wouldn't like this at all -- way too big a print for her.  I like big prints though and, of course, the brighter-the-better!  The way I see it is like this:  If my blouse is bright enough, people will see my blouse instead of my 20 chins.  You gotta do whatcha can 'cause you sure can't turn back the hands of time.  I am thinking about that one-hour face lift though -- what's it called ???? -- Oh, Lifestyle Lift.  Anyone out there know anything about them???
Right now, I 've got to get in the shower.  Oh!  I hear LAWN GUY outside.  Gotta make sure he has lots of water to drink.  He gets up more in the night than I do now.  Hee hee! 

Hugs, Joy                                                                                            

Friday, May 25, 2012

Remodel Woes, Date Night and Hollie

I got the brilliant idea this morning -- don't know WHY I didn't think of it before -- to buy a new refrigerator -- the kind with NO FILTER IN THE BACK!!!  I'm sure the insurance company isn't going to pay for my new frig, but they should.  I have saved them a fortune by not taking the advice of the mold people and tearing down half my kitchen.  Plus, I'm keeping the old carpet if I can.  I'm hoping the fact that it is currently rolled up and folded over isn't messing it up. 

Nasan -- one of the remodel crew -- attached a brand new filter to the back of the refrigerator yesterday afternoon.  When Jerry got home a few hours later, he pulled out the frig to check Nasan's installation.  The ****! water line through the filter was leaking in TWO PLACES!  What a royal pain!  I told Jerry we were going to have to think of some other way to get water to the frig, or just live without it. 
Sometime in the middle of the night, I thought about new refrigerator models having built-in water filters inside the frig.  I decided that was a perfect solution.  We can just sell the one we have and let someone else worry about the water issue.  Maybe a plumber will buy it who knows how to make it drip-free.

After the demo-crew left yesterday afternoon, my kitchen was a MESS!  Sheetrock dust and wood dust in layers on top of my stove and my counters.  The guys bring in this giant shop vac they use on construction sites to "clean" up after themselves, but all they do is blow the dirt all over.  I spend time every time they leave cleaning up after them.  I was so aggravated with the mess last night, I decided I wanted to go somewhere -- anywhere -- just to get away.  I knew Jerry would be tired after working all day, but I took a chance and asked him if we could PLEEEEEZE go somewhere to eat.  He was so sweet and thought it was a great idea.  He said he was tired of the mess too and totally understood.

Sooooooooooooooo, we had a date.  I had to change my clothes because I looked like the scrub woman on Carol Burnett, but that didn't take long. 

We left to go to The Olive Garden in Sherman, TX -- about 45 miles away.  We got to Olive Garden, and the first thing we ordered was two glasses of wine.  Ahhhhhhhh, yesssssssssssssssssss -- EXACTLY what I needed!!!

I had just taken my first sip of wine, and my cell phone rang -- a rare occurrence -- and it was my darling new grand-daughter-in-law, Hollie.  She doesn't leave for Alaska for a few more weeks.  She wanted to know if we could get together at least once before she left town. 

I looked at the phone -- yep, it was mine.  I shook my head and poked a finger in one ear to make sure it wasn't clogged up.  Then she said it again.  Can we get together before I leave town and maybe have dinner or something?  I cannot express to you my total delight in this lovely girl!  She is only 18 years old, and we must seem like antique people to her, but she is so sweet and loving to us.  I told her we did have to come to Oklahoma City for a few days next week, so we will have her over for dinner then.  She said she loved us and couldn't wait to see us.  I pray with all my heart, soul and mind that someday, it will be one of our daughters on the other end of the line saying those things to us.  Jerry said, "Maybe God has given us a NEW daughter."  How sweet was that?!

After our dinner, we decided to run next door to Sam's and buy as much wine as we could fit in the Honda trunk. 

Not really, but Jerry did fill up a big box that Marguerita bottles had come in.  We got 4 bottles of wine and 4 bottles of Marguerita mix. 

Come on over and watch me stay calm through the ongoing reconstruction drama around here.  I'll pour you a glass too !

I just heard from the very nice clerk, Michael, from Lowe's refrigerator department.  He got me $100 off my new frig because I live in the deep woods, another 5% off because I used my Lowe's card, and $400 off because I took the white floor model that nobody on earth wants but me.  Everyone else wants stainless steel.  I had no idea refrigerators are SO EXPENSIVE these days.  I have always wanted one with double doors on top and the freezer drawers on the bottom, and that is what I got.

Wishing my friends a WONDERFUL long weekend.  Hope you are blessed to be with family and friends.  Jerry says he is going to fix the dam behind our little pond this weekend.  To my OKC friends:  I'm coming back next week!

Hugs, Joy

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Coffee, Spiders, Remodel and Route 66

Such a NICE morning.  I went out to the front porch with my Kleenex and my coffee to sit in the glider that I drenched with OFF yesterday.  If you don't do that, little tiny spiders crawl up your pant legs and move into your underwear to take up permanent residence inside your skin.  The first year I was down here, I got about 200 of them in my panties.  It was HORRIBLER than I can even tell you.  My skin likes to turn a tiny bite into a small boil, so you can imagine the pain.  I scratched so much, my skin was gone.  But, I digress.....

I was sitting there enjoying the fountain running in the garden when Jerry came out and joined me.  This almost NEVER happens.  I love, love, love it when he takes time out to just LIVE instead of working all the time.  As we were sitting there, I looked up at the ceiling of the porch and noticed a bunch of spiders crawling over each other.  Then I felt my hair to see if any of them had fallen on my head.  Then I checked my coffee to see if any were in my coffee.  Nope, just a cat hair.

That is an actual picture of part of my porch ceiling.  I told Jerry the Daddy Longlegs were having a convention.  He said that is NOT what they are having -- they are mating.  Lovely!  A spider Orgy right above our heads.  GROSS!

I totally forgot about my blog yesterday.  Jerry and I both went to the doctor, and the doctor said his blood tests came back weird, so he had to go to the hospital late yesterday for some ultrasound.  Maybe they think he is pregnant.  Good grief.  So he went and had whatever test, and the test showed he is perfectly fine.  Hope they enjoy the money they will get for the not-needed ultrasound.  As for me, I am still WAITING for Carbonite to finish giving me back My Documents.  It has been FOUR days and nights and it is just up to 91% complete.  Jerry said it would work faster if I stayed off the computer, so I wasn't on much yesterday.

Then there is the matter of my new video.  I have never done a video in more than one take, but this last one took four takes.  Not only did it take four takes, I couldn't get any of them to upload properly to You Tube.  I am thinking it is probably because of Carbonite working in the background, so I will have to wait until that is done.

The demolition crew worked off site yesterday, but they were back at 8:30 this morning.  They didn't tell me they were coming, so they arrived with me in my jammies cutting Jerry's hair in his underwear. 

Now THAT reads back like I was NOT cutting the hair on his head!  You have to be SO CAREFUL how you word things.

I TOLD Michael to let me know when they were coming so I would be ready for them.  Guess they will next time.  They made up some excuse that they forgot to remember to do something on another job, and they quickly disappeared and came back later.

They tore out the wall behind the refrigerator this morning and removed the filter and box from the wall.  They removed all the old insulation, and replaced it with new.  Here are pictures for Brad, our insurance adjuster.  Feel free to just skip over them. 

Thank goodness I just HAPPEN to have one roll of wallpaper left from when we built this house in 1998.

This is the cabinet after the back and the floor of the cabinet were cut out.  We decided to do this instead of tearing out the whole countertop and cabinets.

This is the entire cabinet.  The left side is fine inside.

This is what the wall looked like behind the frig after they removed the old filter and box.  The sign on the wall is from me telling them to remove all the old insulation as far up as they can reach.  Why take a chance there could be a mold spore in it.
 Tape and mud.

This guy is Kirby.  He told me today he has a degree in Psychology and another one in Business.  I asked him WHY he is in construction with two degrees.  He said he hated that kind of work. 

Go figure!

I think he was telling the truth -- unlike Kirk the INSANE contractor I used for my MIL's house -- because Nasan was right there when he told me. 

He does seem to be more intelligent than your average contractor -- at least, the ones I've had in the past!

And here is the final work of today.  They filled in the hole behind the refrigerator.  Now we wait until at least next Tuesday for the texture guy.  Then we will have to paint and wallpaper.  Then I guess the trim goes up.  They finished all the trim yesterday at the shop, and it is in the garage now. After that, we need to have the mold scientist back to check the house for mold because I know it will be an issue if we ever want to sell the house.  We will need a mold-free report.
The guys just left, and I am all alone.  I'm going back to work on Route 66.  I am on the 2nd to last row!!!  This is totally amazing!  Here's a few pics to update my progress.  This is Kansas.

Betty's legs look like they are two different colors.  They are the same.  Just the lighting.  Not sure I like what I did in the Betty Block.  I may rip it all out.  I quilted a Linda Taylor design.  My longarm stitch regulator is completely broken, so the stitches are too close together.  I have just used it as is, but decided to call today for repair.  Good thing I did.  My longarm is still under warranty.  It needs two circuit boards and they are both COVERED by the warranty.  YIPPEE!!!

Better get back to it.  It will be time to fix supper soon. 

Hugs, Joy 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

More Remodel

The demolition crew showed up at 1 PM today.  I had no idea they were coming.  Nobody lets me know.  I figure I am here anyway if they HAPPEN to show up.  I got a call first from Michael telling me the guys should be here any minute.  No sooner did he tell me that, I heard a knock on the front door.  Nasan and Kirby.  I asked Michael what they were here to do.  He said, "They are there to finish".  Hmmmmmmmmmm.  Seems like an awful lot of work for just 3 hours, but whatever.  I found out shortly thereafter, of course, that they were not going to finish today.  They are getting the wall back up in the dining room, and then they will start tearing out the damage in the kitchen. 

 You can see through the wall into the kitchen here.  Such loveliness.
 And here Nasan is filling in the holes with insulation.

Putting up the first piece of sheetrock.

Done for today.  They left to go to the shop to stain the baseboards and trim.

Jerry is much better.  We both have a doctor's appointment tomorrow.  I am perfectly fine, buy my doctor makes me come in to see her before she will write me a refill for my hormone cream.  Seems so stupid to go to a doctor for NOTHING!  She doesn't do a pap smear -- never has done one -- so what is the good of me going.  I can listen to what they say about Jerry though.  I doubt he will want me with him if he is feeling good.  Last week, he was afraid I would have to carry him in.

The DWTS FINALS are on tonight.  I don't know who I want to win.  Guess it doesn't matter.  All three finalists are pretty even in talent.  I am guessing the football player will win because he has so many fans.  I think I would choose Katherine if forced to make a choice.  She is SO talented!  I love her singing, and I often have it blaring up here in my sewing room.  Can't really have it on with the workers right below me though, so all is quiet right now.

That's it for today.  Did more work on Route 66.  May post some pics tomorrow along with my new video.  The more I work on this computer, the SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWER my files come back from Carbonite.

Hugs, Joy

Monday, May 21, 2012

Carbonite Warning and Red Lipstick

Well, sure 'nuf, Mr. Fix-It spent all day after church yesterday "fixing" my computer.  In the past when he has reloaded the operating system, he has saved all my pictures and videos and files on a separate disc or book.  Yesterday, he decided to just wipe off everything in my computer because we use Carbonite Back-Up now, and he figured he would just get my things back from Carbonite.

I suppose it is true that you can get your stuff back from Carbonite, but would you like to guess how long it takes to get my stuff back from Carbonite????????

ONLY 23 days!!!!

 NO, not hours -- days.

Evidently, video files and picture files take up the entire Carbonite system.  I don't know how any other people on the face of the earth can put their stuff there too.  Good grief,  I could take all the pictures and videos over in 23 days!

And guess what else?  Now that my computer is empty, Carbonite can't back up what used to be there, and if I don't RESTORE my entire computer contents in 30 days, it gets deleted forever.  Isn't that nice?  And I really don't know HOW the Carbonite customer service is.  You know why?  Because there ISN'T ANY!!!

Now, the good news is, my computer is really fast now, but ANY computer would be fast with only 4 pictures on it and NO videos and only two programs.

If Jerry hadn't just recovered from the Bubonic Plague, I would probably STRANGLE HIM!  He went to the store and told me I needed to figure it out, but on his way down the stairs, he turned around, came back up and gave me a sweet kiss.  That man KNOWS I can't resist his kisses, and he ALWAYS does that!

OHHHHHHHHHHHH, you won't believe what else he did today.  I think the 103 fever really has affected his mind -- no kidding.  He can suddenly smell things.  He has never been able to smell anything, whereas I can smell everything.  He keeps complaining that the dehumidifier behind the plastic wall in the dining room smells awful, and I can't smell it at all.  How WEIRD is that -- pretty weird -- but here is the VERY weirdest thing of all.

Have you all EVER seen me in person or in a picture WITHOUT my lipstick on?  No, you haven't.  That is because I wear this lipstick that you paint on in the morning and you have to chissel it off the next morning to remove it.  It is called Cover Girl Outlast.  Anyway, I showered and dressed about 10 AM this morning after I was sure the demolition crew wasn't showing up.  I put on my black yoga pants and an ancient red tee shirt.  Since my tee shirt is red today, I decided to get out the old kind of lipstick because I have it in red.  So I put on red lipstick.  No big deal. 

I walk into Jerry's office where he is working at his computer -- just like old times when he isn't sick -- HOORAY! -- and I walk around in front of his computer monitor -- because that is the only way he will notice I am in there.  I don't wear perfume, so he wouldn't be able to suddenly SMELL me. 

I ask him if I can go upstairs and use my computer.  He looks at me and stares at me, and he says, "Wow!, you really look good today." 

My immediate response is he must have FRIED my computer, and he doesn't want me to kill him.

He says it again.  "You look so pretty today."  "You have lipstick on, and I like that outfit."

I give him one of these looks:

and I say, "Jerry, I wear lipstick EVERY DAY!  WHERE ON EARTH have you been?!"  "And this tee shirt is AT LEAST 10 years old!"

He just tells me again I look really nice today.

I KNEW you would all want to know what I did to look so amazing today, so I ran upstairs and got my camera and took a picture for you.  I think you will agree that the 103 temp my husband had for so long has somehow affected his mind.

I suppose it would be wrong to commit him though, because after all, how can I complain that the man gave me a compliment!?

I may have to wear bright red lipstick from now on. 

You might want to try some yourself, lol.

I better get off this computer.  Carbonite is downloading JUST the My Documents folder from my computer, and it will take TWO DAYS just for that.  Plus, the Mold Man was supposed to email me the results of our mold evaluation last Thursday -- remember the mold scientist? --  and he called a few hours ago to tell me he was emailing it today, Monday.  He didn't.  I called him back.  He said he would.  I won't hold my breath -- although maybe I should if there is so much mold here!

Hugs, Joy

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Notes, Mr. Fix-It is Fixed and SL Blouse Done

Praise The Lord Forevermore!!!  My husband is back.  He got out of bed at 2 PM yesterday and stayed up until 10 PM.  His temp was 102 yesterday morning, but has been 100 1/2 since 2 yesterday.  He is so much better that he informed me he was going to take a shower and then come back up and reload the operating system on my slow computer.  Awwwwwwwwwwwwe yes, that is what I like to see -- Mr. Fix-It back in action.

Rev. Hagee preached another amazing sermon this morning.  It was about forgiveness and so wonderfully done.  One thing he said -- and I'm pretty sure this is word-for-word:

"If your homosexual son comes to you and asks you to forgive him, you tell him, "YES, I forgive you, BUT, I expect you to change." "  He said God does not give you something in your body that is going to destroy your soul (referring, I think, to how people think they are born that way and can't help it).

He used the scripture I have used many times.  Jesus forgave the prostitute but told her to SIN NO MORE.  Forgiveness often requires change.

That is why I am always accused of being judgmental.  I'm judgmental because I expect a CHANGE in wrong behavior.  I'm sure most parents are that way.  Our kids have been brainwashed to believe "not judging" means you have no moral compass.  If you expect them to change their behavior, then you are judging them.  They can't seem to separate their behavior from their soul. 

And on a cheerier note,

I have finished my latest blouse -- the Sassy Librarian Blouse.  I am not crazy about the way the girl taught it at  I could have done a better job myself.  But.....   I just did it "my way", and it turned out fine.  My husband said he really likes it, and he is glad I am finally using nicer fabric. 

PROMISE ME you won't tell him I got this fabric at a Quilt Shop!

Jerry has been fixing my computer for hours now, and he has a long time to go, so I am using his computer.  There is no picture editing software on this computer, so I'm not sure I can get a picture of my finished blouse to show up here or not.  We shall see.......

Well, there it is.  Pardon the giant chipmunk grin.  Pretty cute blouse, I think.  I love the pleats.  It is a strange color, and I don't have anything in my closet that matches it.  Maybe avocado green pants, but I'm not sure that is the color to bring out.  I'd like to match the buttons.  Need a fabric store, but I'm sure not going to find one down here.

I better get back to overseeing the water consumption of Mr. Fix-It.  I have managed to get MORE than a gallon a day in him since we got back from the doctor.  I think it is really helping although I have to listen to him gripe about it.  Too bad.  Don't like the nurse here, you can go somewhere else to be sick.  Ha!

The demolition resumes tomorrow morning.  Not sure exactly what they are going to do.  The dehumidifier has been running for four days.  If the wall isn't dry by now, they better bring in a blow dryer or something.  We are tired of listening to the machine.  It growls like a bear every few minutes. 
Speaking of growling, we watched the movie "Grey" last night.  Very scary.  I highly UNrecommend it.  It certainly didn't make me feel good.  I like movies that make me laugh, or at least, smile.  All of the stars in it had extremely limited vocabularies consisting mostly of the "F" word.  You would think writers could come up with better dialog.  I think anytime they are lost for words, they throw that one in a dozen times.  Jerry decided to pick another movie since that one was so yuk, so he picked a Katherine Heigl movie.  She was a bounty hunter, and it was AWFULLER than the first one.  Not scary, but majorly stupid.  We stopped it about half way through and went to bed.   

Hugs, Joy