Thursday, May 17, 2012

Demolition Begins and New Longarm Tutorial

Michael and Nason showed up right on time this morning.  Michael explained that they would remove the baseboards to see how wet everything was.  He didn't want to remove the sheetrock if he didn't have to.  I DID want him to remove it.  He was talking about getting ServiceMaster back out here -- I was NOT at all in agreement with that plan.

The plan was to remove the baseboard carefully and then dry out the sheetrock.

The sheetrock was so soggy that it was just caving in behind the saw.

That's Michael-Row-Your-Boat on the left and Nason on the floor.
 The water damage is all the way over to the middle of that window.
Sheetrock cut out to the chair rail and the wet insulation removed and sucked up in shop vac and bagged.  No mold in it!
Here is the culprit.  We put it IN THE WALL so we could push our refrigerator back closer to the wall.

You can see how the water ended up in the formal dining room.
Nason is back cutting out the other side of the sheetrock to expose the back of the kitchen cabinets.  VERY SOGGY.  He brought a dehumidifier and is going to hang plastic to make a smaller space -- put the humidifier inside the plastic -- and let it run all weekend. 

Sure am glad my carpet is folded inside out as they love to put all their stuff on it.

And this is it for the day.  A plastic wall with a dehumidifier inside it to suck all the moisture out of the back of the cabinets.  It will run until next Monday. 

Wonder if I could use those poles to hang my Route 66 Quilt up with????  Guess not.  The quilt is that tall, however.

So much for the demolition.  Not bad at all, really.  These guys are a class act.  It will be as good as new when they get done.

Plus, I am going to have Michael do several other things around here such as, replace several broken windows -- broken inside the two panes of glass -- and I just got the wild idea to ask him to price a cover over our back patio.  I figure if Margaret can have one at her new house, then I should have one too.  Perfectly logical, doncha think?

Jerry got up and showered and lasted a few hours in his office.  He's back in bed and didn't want any lunch.  I am praying, of course! 

I decided to do a new tutorial this morning because it was for something that was so very helpful to me when I was learning to use the Longarm.  When I first got it, I was terrified of it!  I took dozens of classes in person and online.  I bought hundreds of books.  I studied and studied and studied how to draw different designs and shapes and pattern fills.  I have notebooks full of them.  I thought they were so gorgeous back then because I could not draw anything at all to start with.  When I look back at them now, they look like chicken scratch.  I really have learned a lot!

Here is the new tutorial that nobody will want to watch unless you are a quilter or you just care about what I do and how I do it.  I wouldn't mind watching someone demo knitting or crocheting even though I can't do it.  I have done some crochet in the way distant past because I had a crocheting friend then.

Posted on the right side of my blog as:  QUILT TUT:  DECIDING QUILT DESIGN 
(Scroll Down to the Bottom of the List)

I need to sew something, so I better step away from the computer.  I'm working on the Sassy Librarian Blouse.  Phylly is ahead of me, so I need to get with it!  Yes, Glenda!, I have used my SFD blueprint to compare the patterns.  The outside of the bust dart is at a different place, but I don't guess that matters as long as the apex is right.  I like the pleats, and I hear collars are all-the-rage right now. 

Hugs, Joy

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  1. I don't think I'm ahead of you anymore. I won't do anything else on my SLB until Saturday. Oh, that's tomorrow. But I have to work on Keira's dress, too. Its a Burda from the magazine. Directions make no sense on it so I'm doing my own thing.

    I guess I'll try to lose another 10 pounds. I'm not too thrilled about it; really I'm resentful and feeling that I just can't do it. I was so happy with my weight loss until the doctor told me I need to lose another five and better yet, 20 pounds. Sorry, that has nothing to do with your blog today, but it is what is on my mind.
    Better head to work, it is already 7:32!
    Hugs, Phylly


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