Monday, May 28, 2012

Granny Story and God Bless Our Servicemen

A very quiet day here.  No family or friends.  Kinda lonely.  I don't know how my Mom stands living all alone out in the woods.  I would visit her, but she doesn't like me to.  Has to do with my cleaning habits and her lack of them.  Just doesn't seem right to not clean up a mess at your loved one's home.

Did I ever tell you about the customer Jerry had one time who lived in a little two bedroom house here in town?  We sell medical equipment, as you know.  Jerry got a call that this lady was coming home from the hospital, and she needed oxygen delivered immediately to her home when she arrived there.  She also needed a Nebulizer which is a machine that people inhale a drug through to help them breathe better. 

Jerry could SMELL the inside of the house before he even got to the front door.  He got to the front door and knocked, and a weak voice told him to come in.  The little old lady was lying on her couch READING a book in her nighty.  Jerry walked in with his oxygen and the nebulizer.  He needed to put the nebulizer down, but he could not find a single space in the whole living room to put it -- not even on the floor.  He walked over to the table beside the couch to move something out of the way.  When he moved whatever it was, dozens of cockroaches scattered and ran all directions.

Now, if this had been me, I never would have gone past the aroma on the front porch.  But Jerry has the patience of Job.  Sometime, I'll tell you about the missionary trips he went on where he worked in the jungle with wild pigs under the table he had set up as his pharmacy.

Anyway, Jerry put the nebulizer down and proceeded to teach the woman about the oxygen as though she was a normal person.  As he tried to move the oxygen next to her to show it to her, he had to maneuver his way around stacks of DIRTY adult diapers in the center of the floor.  Not only were there stacks of dirty diapers, there were KNEE HIGH WALLS of tuna fish and cat food cans -- EMPTY and not washed -- all over the house -- around the furniture, all the walls, in the bathtub, in the bedrooms -- everywhere!!! 

Of course, he couldn't help noticing cats all over the place that must have been the recipients of the canned goods, and obviously, not trained to do dishes.  God only knows what they were using for a cat box!!!

As if that wasn't bad enough, the walls in the house were COVERED from ceiling to floor with thick cobwebs.  They were hanging down everywhere, and Jerry was having to brush them away from his face and his body.  GROSS!!!!!  Mind you -- this lady is READING on her couch!

The longer Jerry was there, the more he realized the place just wasn't "right" and neither was that lady.  Every move he made upset some cockroach, and he was afraid he may be attacked by Black Widow spiders any moment.

He decided to call the lady's daughter.  He had her number because he had talked to her earlier to find out the address or something.  After a while, the daughter came up the sidewalk to the front door which was still open.  The daughter lifted up her sweatshirt over her face and hollered something through the door to her Mother -- she never entered the house.  Jerry went out to the porch and told the girl that he could not properly set up the equipment she needed.  The daughter did NOTHING.  Then she left.

Jerry then called DHS to tell them that he could not teach this lady how to use the equipment and her house needed attention.  Not long thereafter, a social worker from DHS came to the house.  She got the woman ready to go to a Nursing Home, and Jerry helped her.  He said that when they got outside, he had to remove cobwebs from the social worker's hair! 

Now, let me clarify that my Mother's house is NOTHING like that -- well, except she does have two very hairy cats and a dog.  But no cockroaches or spiders.  If that was the case, I would clean it whether she liked it or not!

So how on earth did I get off on that!?

These things just jump into my mind sometimes.  And I think the granny in her nighty on the couch wasn't playing with a full deck!  Ha!

And since it is Memorial Day, I certainly can't sign off without saying how much I appreciate our servicemen all over the world.  What a sacrifice they make for whatever reason to protect our rights and what freedom we have left in the USA.  My heart breaks when I see those Wounded Warrior commercials.  I've been meaning to donate to that organization for a long time.  I must get that done. 

I pray God blesses every one of our servicemen and gives them supernatural favor and protection.  I could not be more proud of our grandson who is now in Alaska.  It takes a special kind of man to volunteer for such a dangerous job.

I was going through my Dad's things a few weeks ago and came across a letter his brother wrote to him after being on a ship that was bombed in Pearl Harbor.  Wow!  It is really something!  I can't remember which ship right now.  The letter was very long and very descriptive.

Gotta go.  Amost time for supper.  Supposed to be cleaning my sewing room, and I sure haven't gotten very far!  I was really cleaning good when all of a sudden a pattern just jumped up into my hands, and I had to cut it out!  Can't blame a girl for yielding to such temptation as that! 

Hugs, Joy

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