Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pick A Day and Route 66 Texas Done

Pick a day -- ANY day -- between April and September for ACHC to send their auditor to our store to audit us for Medicare.  Guess what day they picked?

Yep, TODAY!  Right in the middle of our flood/mold adventure.  When we got the call from our Office Manager that the auditor had arrived, Jerry was on his hands and knees on the floor behind the refrigerator -- in his underwear  -- with a spray bottle of pure bleach looking for deadly mold spores to spray because I woke up in the middle of the night worrying a mold spore might drift into the bedroom and land on my face.

The first thing I said to Jerry when I got up this morning was, "If Michael is going to kill the mold with bleach, WHY can't WE do it?  Is there some law against it?  Why didn't we spray it last week?  Well, Mr. Fix-it went into high gear and immediately began the nasty job.

Last time we were audited -- three years ago -- an older man was the auditor.  This time, it is a woman.  I sure hope she is nice.  I'm not going near the place for fear they find out I work there too.  Jerry can tell them I am handling an emergency at home.  Jerry is getting ready at his fastest possible speed -- which isn't even close to mine -- but ....  He will get there when he gets there.  Actually, I am kind of glad it is happening this week because we can quit worrying about WHEN they might show up to audit us.

Gotta run some errands.  Be back later today.

My goodness!  It is nearly 4 PM.  I went to town to buy groceries -- came back home -- unloaded the car -- vacuum sucked the meat -- put the rest away -- and then came up and worked on Route 66 for a little while.  I FINISHED the Texas row today!  I am so excited!  It wasn't long ago I was wondering if I would EVER get this quilt on the longarm, and now I am half way through quilting it.  I was thinking yesterday I would have a party and invite all my friends to see it in person, but I can't do that because they would have to drive too far.  I'm sure they don't love me THAT much. 

ANDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD, I remembered that the best way to photograph a quilt top is to have side lighting.  I turned off all the overhead lights -- drug a 3 light pole lamp over and put it at the end of the quilt.  These pics turned out so you can see the quilting stitches! 

This is Cadillac Ranch in Texas where some guy buried his Cadillac years ago because it was a lemon and Cadillac would not replace it.  Since then, lots of Cadillacs have been buried there, and they are all covered with grafitti.

Notice the ring I put in the bull's nose.  KEWL, huh?

This is a sign in Adrian, TX which is the midpoint of Route 66 traveling from Chicago to California.  I digitized this block.  The center logo took me forever -- probably two weeks in real time.


Just heard from my Kingston Store Manager, Janette, that the Auditor was VERY IMPRESSED and told Janette that she should ask for a bonus.  I reminded Janette that she wasn't the one that set it all up -- Lu and I were -- but she could have some of the credit for overseeing it while I've been away so long at Jerry's Mom's house.  I could not have done Jerry's Mom's house without Janette here to prepare for accreditation.  I am SO THANKFUL for our employees!  Our other store in Oklahoma City will be audited tomorrow.  I'm sure it will pass even better than this store did because Lu -- my manager there -- is a real stickler for all the rules and regulations which are innumerable.

After the tear down and rebuild of our dining room and kitchen, Jerry and I could actually take a vacation, I think.  Anything that doesn't require an airplane, because I won't get on one.  Not because I'm afraid of flying.  Because I can't stand the disorganization, constant delays, lost luggage and nasty food.  Since I haven't flown since the kids were young, I have never experienced the new safety inconveniences, but I'm quite sure I wouldn't like them.  I imagine we will just stay here because there is NO PLACE LIKE HOME!

Hugs, Joy


  1. Congratulations on your perfect audit. I'M not sure just what ACHC stands for. Some kind of acreditation I guess. I just want to tell you that I enjoy your blog and love when you and Philly get together. I check in on you nightly. You are a wonderful blogger.

  2. You are a WONDERFUL friend! Thanks for leaving a comment FINALLY! Good Heavens, I can't remember what ACHC stands for either, but it is the same as JACHO (?) that accredits hospitals and nursing homes. We have to pay them thousands of dollars for the privilege. Phylly's store gets audited tomorrow. I told her to be on her BEST behavior!
    Hugs, Joy

  3. It is Accreditation Commission for Health Care. The other one is JCAHO but they call it "Jacho".
    Hugs, Joy

  4. Yes and I'm a nervous wreck! Audits didn't make me a bit nervous when I was president of the credit union, but this one is scaring me to death. Audits there were actually helpful, but these audits just scare me. I spent an hour studying tonight!
    Hugs, Phylly

  5. Hi Joy, (I found you here from Stitcher's Guild). Just wanted to comment on one thing you wrote about air travel: "Because I can't stand the disorganization, constant delays, lost luggage and nasty food."

    Not to worry -- they don't have *any* food anymore! Just a tiny (as in 1/2 oz) bag of mini pretzels or nuts in a bag that takes superhuman strength to open. LOL

    I really enjoy your blog and look forward to the next episode of your adventures. Thanks and have a blessed day.

  6. Hi Sandra,
    Thanks so much for posting. So glad you enjoy my blog. The demolition adventure starts here tomorrow morning. Such excitement.
    Hugs, Joy


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