Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday Notes and Mold Scientist

We were able to get our own preacher, Duane Sheriff, on our computer today.  For a long time, we haven't been able to get the videos from our church.  Duane was AWESOME as usual.  He preached MY sermon today.  He preached the sermon my kids and my friends hate to hear from me, and according to Duane, most of the church hates to hear from him.  I hope you don't hate it too, because here it is -- in his words, but not an exact word-for-word translation:

Your kids don't HAVE any PRIVACY in your home.  You need to check every email, every text message, every phone call, every drawer, every pocket, etc.  You need to know where your kids go, who they talk to, what they watch on tv, what they look at on their computers, what music they listen to AND -- the most important part -- MAKE THEM go to every single activity the church provides for them.  Keep them busy all the time.  This is a wicked, corrupt world we live in now, and we must TRAIN our children to the best of our ability.  

We don't have undisciplined children -- We have undisciplined PARENTS!

You surely can go to  and listen to the sermon yourself if you think I make this stuff up, lol.

I totally agree with today's sermon.  So many young people these days -- compared to the olden days when I grew up --are so wild and unruly and sadly uneducated.  We have a business and have to hire from this new generation, and I tell you the truth:  Most we interview don't have the simplest math or grammar skills.  They know how to play video games and how to text message and how to take offense at everything you say or do, and get tattoos and body-piercings.  They don't know how to think or work.  This includes my own grandchildren to a certain degree.  I am shocked that one of them doesn't even know that sentences come to an end and require a period.  I don't blame the kids -- like Duane said -- I blame the parents and the pitiful public school system.  Not that there aren't good teachers.  Even the good teachers are stifled or muzzled as to what they can say and do; especially, when it comes to discipline. 

Let me just say that I know it is possible for kids from wonderful christian homes to go astray and rebel against all the christian principles you pound into them.  Some of the worst examples I have known have been preacher's kids.  Still, we must try our best as parents.

Mr. Mold Scientist (MS) is suppose to arrive any minute, so I better cease my post until after he leaves.  I suppose not much will be done today except the gathering of samples.  Then we WAIT for the results.  Seems like a major waste of time to me.

It is nearly 8 PM now.  MS did show up together with Terry, the owner of ServiceMaster.  They were both very nice.  I told Mr. Mold Scientist that I posted a crazy picture of him on my blog today, and he just laughed.  He did allow me to take all the pics I wanted while he was here, so I will share a few
with you.

That is MS on the left and Terry on the right.  Both very nice.  You can see they even smiled for my picture.

They were here for a couple of hours walking ALL over my house -- upstairs even -- to check my air.  MS put up two machines on tripods to check the air in my house.  Terry put up a big black square box to filter the air while the other two big machines dehumidify it.  MS took a piece of scotch tape and stuck at least FOUR kinds of mold to it from the back of our baseboard. 

MS told us that they were going to have to QUARANTEEN one end of our house which includes the formal dining, kitchen and master bedroom.  The rooms will be completed surrounded with coverings -- of what, I don't know -- and we would not be allowed to enter therein for one or two weeks.  I gave him one of my best "You have GOT to be kidding!" looks, but he continued:  We will come in with hasmat suits on and begin to remove the walls, baseboards, cabinets, countertop, etc.  We don't know how long it will take.  We have to work carefully to get ALL affected areas.  Jerry tried to explain that they did NOT have to remove the cabinets or the countertops, but that did not deter Mr. MS.  He said they would have to be removed.

This being Mother's Day and the third most depressing day of my entire year following Thanksgiving and Christmas, I was not my usual jovial self, but I did manage to not get upset.  I did a lot better than Jerry did.

While Terry and MS were here, I received a call from my grandaughter-in-law, Hollie.  She is SO DARLING!  She called to tell me Happy Mother's Day.  I thought I was going to cry.  My own daughters haven't remembered it for ten years or more, and it isn't because they forgot.  I got pretty low as the afternoon went on, but I got a call from John in Alaska about 4:00.  Well, he -- as you all surely know by now -- is the light of my life.  He called to tell me Happy Mother's Day too.  Wonderful, yes, but not the same as if it had been his mother calling me.  He told me all about his new life in Alaska.  I think he said he may be going to Arizona next.  That is where I grew up, so I may have to visit he and Hollie if they go there.
He said he never gets tired until after midnight because it stays light for so long, and it doesn't seem to be time to go to bed.  How odd.  I guess you get used to it.

I worked on Route 66 for several hours today.  I am going to try to do a little every day because I obviously will be housebound with the mold melodrama going on.  Thank God I have a little kitchen up here.  I better stock the frig up here tonight.  No stove.  I have a microwave oven though.  What an adventure!

Here are two blocks I did today.


I pray all my blog friends had a blessed and happy Mother's Day!  We called both of our Moms today, and they are both doing great.  Jerry's Mom couldn't remember his brother's name -- she said "That other guy called me today."  Wish we weren't so far away from her.  I am much closer to her than I am my own mother.  Maybe because I am her only "daughter" as Jerry's brothers have both been long-divorced, and I am the one that takes care of her affairs.

The "team" returns at 8:30 tomorrow morning.  I better get prepared.

Hugs, Joy


  1. You are taking this so much better than I would. They are going to tear up your beautiful kitchen! Will you be able to get to your washer and dryer? I don't think I could handle that in my life right now. If I had gotten free earlier I would have called you. Maybe tomorrow.
    Hugs, Phylly

  2. Like the quilting - I am hoping to get started on a baby quilt this weekend.

    I try to only stress about stuff I have control of and it sounds like you are doing that too. Sounds like you have got good people dealing with the nasty mould - despite the mess and disruption you do want the job to be done properly.
    Have fun up in your sewing room.
    We are coming into our winter here - cold and rain to day so the dog is depressed because we haven't been out for a walk I think I will have to take her to doggy day care tomorrow so that she can have a good run around while I am at work.
    Enjoy your blog



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