Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Notes, Mr. Fix-It is Fixed and SL Blouse Done

Praise The Lord Forevermore!!!  My husband is back.  He got out of bed at 2 PM yesterday and stayed up until 10 PM.  His temp was 102 yesterday morning, but has been 100 1/2 since 2 yesterday.  He is so much better that he informed me he was going to take a shower and then come back up and reload the operating system on my slow computer.  Awwwwwwwwwwwwe yes, that is what I like to see -- Mr. Fix-It back in action.

Rev. Hagee preached another amazing sermon this morning.  It was about forgiveness and so wonderfully done.  One thing he said -- and I'm pretty sure this is word-for-word:

"If your homosexual son comes to you and asks you to forgive him, you tell him, "YES, I forgive you, BUT, I expect you to change." "  He said God does not give you something in your body that is going to destroy your soul (referring, I think, to how people think they are born that way and can't help it).

He used the scripture I have used many times.  Jesus forgave the prostitute but told her to SIN NO MORE.  Forgiveness often requires change.

That is why I am always accused of being judgmental.  I'm judgmental because I expect a CHANGE in wrong behavior.  I'm sure most parents are that way.  Our kids have been brainwashed to believe "not judging" means you have no moral compass.  If you expect them to change their behavior, then you are judging them.  They can't seem to separate their behavior from their soul. 

And on a cheerier note,

I have finished my latest blouse -- the Sassy Librarian Blouse.  I am not crazy about the way the girl taught it at  I could have done a better job myself.  But.....   I just did it "my way", and it turned out fine.  My husband said he really likes it, and he is glad I am finally using nicer fabric. 

PROMISE ME you won't tell him I got this fabric at a Quilt Shop!

Jerry has been fixing my computer for hours now, and he has a long time to go, so I am using his computer.  There is no picture editing software on this computer, so I'm not sure I can get a picture of my finished blouse to show up here or not.  We shall see.......

Well, there it is.  Pardon the giant chipmunk grin.  Pretty cute blouse, I think.  I love the pleats.  It is a strange color, and I don't have anything in my closet that matches it.  Maybe avocado green pants, but I'm not sure that is the color to bring out.  I'd like to match the buttons.  Need a fabric store, but I'm sure not going to find one down here.

I better get back to overseeing the water consumption of Mr. Fix-It.  I have managed to get MORE than a gallon a day in him since we got back from the doctor.  I think it is really helping although I have to listen to him gripe about it.  Too bad.  Don't like the nurse here, you can go somewhere else to be sick.  Ha!

The demolition resumes tomorrow morning.  Not sure exactly what they are going to do.  The dehumidifier has been running for four days.  If the wall isn't dry by now, they better bring in a blow dryer or something.  We are tired of listening to the machine.  It growls like a bear every few minutes. 
Speaking of growling, we watched the movie "Grey" last night.  Very scary.  I highly UNrecommend it.  It certainly didn't make me feel good.  I like movies that make me laugh, or at least, smile.  All of the stars in it had extremely limited vocabularies consisting mostly of the "F" word.  You would think writers could come up with better dialog.  I think anytime they are lost for words, they throw that one in a dozen times.  Jerry decided to pick another movie since that one was so yuk, so he picked a Katherine Heigl movie.  She was a bounty hunter, and it was AWFULLER than the first one.  Not scary, but majorly stupid.  We stopped it about half way through and went to bed.   

Hugs, Joy


  1. Nice blouse - it is really cute! I won't say a word to Jerry about where you got that fabric.

  2. I am so glad to hear Jerry is up fixing things! That sounds like the "normal" Jerry!

    Since Jerry likes you to use nice fabric I think we must need a road trip to Cloth Merchant or Helen Enox. I can't buy anything since I just spent all my money (all $60.00 of it) at Fabric Mart's sale, but you know how good I am at egging you on to buy the good stuff. (I need icons! What's wrong with this program that I don't have icons?)I'm sure we could find something to go with your beautiful blouse besides olive green pants.

    Kids are still alive and I'm not in jail. That is a good thing. Mom will be home in another hour and a half. Then the house will reverberate with blessed silence!

    When did you say you might come up?

    Hugs, Phylly

  3. LOVE the fabric in your new blouse!! That's quilting cotton?
    Gorgeous .. good match of pattern to blouse .. looks adorable on you.

    I must say Pastor Hagee has great wisdom. I love his statement about God NOT putting something in your body that would hurt your soul. How profoundly, elegantly simple .. and SO true!

    Happy UN-molding .. hang in there. Glad Jerry's getting on the mend.



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