Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sure-fit Designs Flounce Blouse

Today was my last day to play in my sewing room.  Have to get serious about company tomorrow.  Have to buy groceries, finish work at the store for Lu, come back and get a gift prepared and other odds and ends. 

I worked all day today on the flounce.  It is no small thing to make a flounce, let me tell you.  Look at how funny the pattern looks.  The 1st picture shows the flounce that ended up in the trash.  I didn't think it was flouncy enough.  It was real ruffly at the bottom, but flat up by the shoulder.  You know me.  I like everything even.

So I started over today on the flounce.  When I got done, it looked like a snail!  I thought maybe I had really created a monster, but I was determined to try it before I decided for sure.  I figured a flouncier flounce was going to need more curve, and Glenda says on her instruction sheet to EXPERIMENT.  Below is the flounce on the blouse now.

I am using this slippery as **** fabric -- although I really like it and Jerry is in love with it -- but it is a booger bear to work with.   Above is the paper pattern ON TOP OF what I cut out with it.  After I took the pins out, removed the weights, smoothed it out and put the paper back on top of what I had cut, this is what I had.  Yikes!  So I trimmed it to match the pattern again.  The center picture below shows it after I trimmed it.  Still off!  How bazaar is that?  I trimmed it again, and below/right shows the two flounces trimmed and heavily starched.  I borrowed one of Sharon Schamber's (Quilter Extraordinaire!) tricks.  The woman should have her own starch and glue factories because she uses it for everything. 

The starch gave the slinky fabric enough body that it went through the serger for the rolled hem treatment beautifully.  I had a terrible time with the first set that ended up in the trash.

Here are some pics of me modeling the front and back.  I pinned the sleeves at the top just to get an idea of how the print was going to look.  It is a crazy print.  You can cut it to look a dozen different ways.  I'm not sure I like how the back turned out.  Too much the same.  By Monday, I may cut out a new one.  Yes, I am THAT picky.  I love the extra flounciness of the flounce!  Notice the black rolled hem edge.  I used my oldest serger for that.  I had a feeling that it would be better than the new ones because you change the needle plate and the presser foot.  I was right.


Notice the BACK of the blouse and the downhill slide from high left hip to low left hip.  That is because I haven't taken up the shoulder on the right yet.  You can see it in the other picture too on the front.  This is why I sew!  The sleeves will be shorter when I get them SEWN in instead of held on with two pins.  I'm a bit worried that after I get the facing on that V at center front might be at my belly button!

That is it for today.  Hope your day was fun too. 

Hugs, Joy

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  1. I am so glad you decided to do the flounce instead of the narrow ruffle you talked about. It looked so pretty on the first one one. I hope you have a great weekend with the newlyweds.
    Hugs, Phylly


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