Tuesday, May 22, 2012

More Remodel

The demolition crew showed up at 1 PM today.  I had no idea they were coming.  Nobody lets me know.  I figure I am here anyway if they HAPPEN to show up.  I got a call first from Michael telling me the guys should be here any minute.  No sooner did he tell me that, I heard a knock on the front door.  Nasan and Kirby.  I asked Michael what they were here to do.  He said, "They are there to finish".  Hmmmmmmmmmm.  Seems like an awful lot of work for just 3 hours, but whatever.  I found out shortly thereafter, of course, that they were not going to finish today.  They are getting the wall back up in the dining room, and then they will start tearing out the damage in the kitchen. 

 You can see through the wall into the kitchen here.  Such loveliness.
 And here Nasan is filling in the holes with insulation.

Putting up the first piece of sheetrock.

Done for today.  They left to go to the shop to stain the baseboards and trim.

Jerry is much better.  We both have a doctor's appointment tomorrow.  I am perfectly fine, buy my doctor makes me come in to see her before she will write me a refill for my hormone cream.  Seems so stupid to go to a doctor for NOTHING!  She doesn't do a pap smear -- never has done one -- so what is the good of me going.  I can listen to what they say about Jerry though.  I doubt he will want me with him if he is feeling good.  Last week, he was afraid I would have to carry him in.

The DWTS FINALS are on tonight.  I don't know who I want to win.  Guess it doesn't matter.  All three finalists are pretty even in talent.  I am guessing the football player will win because he has so many fans.  I think I would choose Katherine if forced to make a choice.  She is SO talented!  I love her singing, and I often have it blaring up here in my sewing room.  Can't really have it on with the workers right below me though, so all is quiet right now.

That's it for today.  Did more work on Route 66.  May post some pics tomorrow along with my new video.  The more I work on this computer, the SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWER my files come back from Carbonite.

Hugs, Joy


  1. I'm glad to hear about Carbonite. I back up to an external hard drive, but have always wondered about Carbonite. They do lots of advertising.

  2. Jerry still sounded a bit on the weak side when I talked to him today. I am so glad that he continues to improve.

    I finished the side seams in my blouse tonight and did the binding on the armholes. I probably should have done it the teacher's way, but since I had already sewn up the side seams in French seams I didn't want to have to undo them. I just bound them like I did quilts. They are narrower than hers are because she doesn't fold the binding in half before she stitches it on. Its single instead of double binding. My fabric wasn't heavy enough for the single style, not to mention it fought me when I tried to pin it to the blouse. I still have to do the buttonholes, buttons, and hem. I sew a lot slower than you!

    My sleeve board arrived today. It is all wooden and it is bigger than the original one. The sleeve part is 24" long. It didn't come padded and covered, so I will have to make one for it. But I had planned to make one anyway. I had found directions for doing it on a blog. I really like it. I haven't decided if I'll pad the other side and use it as a mini ironing board, or leave it unpadded and use it as a clapper.

    I hope tomorrow is a good day.

    Hugs, Phylly


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