Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sick Hubby and Finished SFD Flounce Blouse

This is absolutely unbelievable, but my husband is actually sick in bed!  He went to bed at 6 PM last night.  He started to work this morning in his office, and by midmorning, he was back in bed.  This is EXTREMELY RARE, and I am a bit worried.  He looks just fine except for a bit of fever.  Says he feels like crap.  He goes into all kinds of homes, and heaven only knows what bug he may have picked up.  He didn't even want me to fix him chicken soup for lunch.  He is probably just exhausted.

I finally finished the red flounce blouse.  I took some pictures of it, but it is NOT washed and the flounce is NOT pressed.  I decided the sleeves were too long, so I shortened them.  I decided the front was too wide in the button area, so I took a couple inches out of it.  Now, it is probably a bit snug in the hips as well as the point of the boob dart is nearly to the point of me -- I look like I'm wearing a Madonna cast-off.  The "rule" is the point of the dart should be at least 1" away from yours.  Good heavens!  In the pic below I think the point went by her apex and kept on going! 

It is this slinky fabric -- so hard to sew with, I think.  It GROWS somehow during construction.  I much prefer cotton which is why I'm getting ready to make the Sassy Librarian Blouse in cotton.

I am hoping that this insanely wide print will hide the little white runs which are flaws in the fabric.  I emailed Helen Enox twice about them, but no response.

The demoliton derby begins tomorrow morning at 8 AM -- coming to tear out the walls and baseboards where the water went.  We will see how this construction team works out.  I will be taking pictures and keeping a close eye on the process.  Construction workers HATE that I do that, but too bad.  This is my house -- not a football field.  A lot of these guys don't know the difference.

I hired a guy to paint a couple of bedrooms for me one time.  He had a son named Chase who was my grandson's best friend.  The first thing that happened was this guy showed up at the front door with these giant heavy-duty drop cloths that were FILTHY!  They were the kind of drop cloths you use when you are painting OUTSIDE on new constuction.  They were covered with little rocks, cement, paint, dirt, bird **** and various and sundry other particles.  I took one look at the guy and said, "You AREN'T bringing those filthy things in my house, are you?"  He said he was.  I told him he WASN'T!  I had to go get plastic drop cloths for the guy.  Chase helped his Dad paint the ceilings.  A couple of times when Chase was gone, I accidentally referred to him as Cheyenne.  I barely knew the kid, and I do good to remember my own name these days.  About the third time I did it, the Dad got all bent out of shape and snapped at me, "I have FIVE kids, and their names are (he named all five) and NOT ONE of them is named Cheyenne!!!!!"  I decided the guy was a jerk, and I was so glad when he finally left.  I had to touch up his paint job.  He charged me $1400 to paint two rooms and a small bathroom.  I thought that was outrageous.  If that were me painting his house, I wouldn't care WHAT he called my kid.  JUST give me the $1400!

I think I hear stirring downstairs.  I better go down and check on my patient.  He may be hungry by now.

Just talked to my OKC Manager, Lu.  She asked the Auditor how we did on a scale of one-to-ten compared to other companies.  GUESS WHAT SHE SAID?????????????

She said we were THE BEST!!!  I've got to do something special for Lu next time I get up there.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Joy, your SFD Flounce Collar blouse looks great on you. I'll be posting this on my various and sundry sites/blog. Love that fabric - but that's not particularly good customer service that you haven't heard back from the store on the flaws. You know, only you can see them. Hope all goes well during the demolition and no wonder these guys don't like you taking pictures - they might have to do things right for a change - not to mention the potential liability if they mess up. Kindly, Glenda

  2. Joy,
    I have been reading through your blog b/c you offer many tutorials( thank you for that) I find it amazing that there is so much out there to help, not like 20 years ago when you were pretty much on your own! I read as much as I can or watch videos, My collection of sewing DVDS is really helpful also.
    Is this THE blouse from SF that we have a pamphlet for?? It looks like it I thought some day I would sew it up in classic white to wear w/ black skirt or pants, It would be pretty to wear just about anywhere, even w/ jeans.
    You did a really nice job sewing and fitting this blouse. Sorry to hear of the flaws in the fabric, especially after you put so much work into it, I hope you can still wear it. I love the sleeve length on you, I usually make any T top that length or I stop directly at my elbow.

    Gob bless,


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